Console & Cartridge Shells

 Notes About Availability

Friday, June 1'st, 2012.

 The availability of each Case/Product Design is dependent on how fast each existing Case/Product Design sells.

 Console Shells

Friday, June 1'st, 2012.

 There are going to be several types of Replacement Console Shells.

 The First Type will be reproductions of the original Systems' outer Shell/Casing.
 They'll be the same Colors as the original Shells.
 Movable Parts, such as Power and Reset Buttons, will be included.
 Brand-Names, Logos, and Stickers might not be included, because that would infringe on Trade Marked stuff.
 Before I start making these, I'll try to get permission, so I can include them in the design.

 The Second Type will be the same as above, but will be Solid White, so you can paint them more easily.
 Movable Parts, such as Power and Reset Buttons, will be included. They'll also be White.

 The Cases for Systems that people usually add Region Switches to will be pre-modified with a Cut-Out
 Mounting Area, and Screws, so you can add your own Region Switch, if you'd like.
 Region Switches will be sold separately, so the Console Shells will also include either a snap-in, or a screw-in plate
 to fill the hole, for those of you that don't want to add a Region Switch.

 There will also be pre-cut out areas for RGB, S-Video & Audio Port Modders to put their Ports, as well as covers for them, in case you
 don't want or need to do those mods to your console.

 The Third Type will have the same outer dimensions, coloring, and outer form as, a Front-Loader American NES.
 The Inside will be specially designed to accommodate a small PC Motherboard (Mini-ITX), a single 2.5 inch HDD or SSD, and
 a laptop-style Optical Drive that will align with the Front Cartridge Slot.
 The rear of the case will have:
  ~ A standard rectangular opening, so you can use the metal shield that comes with your mobo.
  ~ A half-height (Low Profile) slot opening for a single PCI or PCIe or AGP Card.
  ~ A Place to mount a Rear Exhaust Fan.
  ~ A Pass-Through port/plug for an external PSU. The external PSU will be very similar in design to a Laptop Charger.

 Under the console, near the Front, will be slits for air intake.

 Cartridge Shells

Friday, June 1'st, 2012.

 The Replacement Cartridge shells will also come three different varieties.

 The First Type will look exactly like the original Cart Shells, but will not have any Stickers or Branding on them.

 The Second Type will be a special NES-Style Cart Shell. It'll look like an American Cart on the Outside, but without Stickers or  Branding.
 On the Inside will be a short Famicom-to-NES adapter board, and internal mounts for the Adapter, and a short Famicom Game Board.
 It will come with all of the needed screws. The Screw Heads will be a standard Phillips (+) style.

 The Third Type will be a special Replacement Shell for the SNES Game Genie. It will allow you to use the Game Genie as an adapter
 for most, if not all, Japanese and European-styled SFC Carts with your American SNES.
 Adapters for USA SNES Games on European and Japanese SFC Consoles will also be made, if there is a need for them.
 When I start making Cart Shells, I'll look in to it. ~_^

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